Account Management

We’ve spent innumerable hours on marketplace to explore
solutions, way-outs, tactics, and much more that are needed to bring your brand on top


Save time and money and get more sale
Your products and your store are managed and optimized by our Experts.


Facing issues setting up your professional seller account? Get it done the right way with our Experts. We will give you a step by step guidance as well as the essential and fundamental information to register your seller account.


Get ungated. Using all the legitimate tricks and hacks, we will get approval to sell in the restricted categories. What you need to provide is just the required information and that’s all. Leave the rest to us.


We help you to select products from a large range of categories to give you a head start in ecommerce. Before launching products, we also analyse the market trends to get a real


Optimize your listing, boost your organic ranking and multiply your sales. Experts at Voovluy will help increase the searchability and visibility of your product by providing SEO friendly and informative content which will make your listing more scannable and reach a wide spectrum


We will monitor the performance and metrics of your account to make sure it is up to standards.We regularly monitor account health which include LDR(late dispatch rate), ODR(order defect rate), PFCR(pre-fulfillment cancel rate), Intellectual property complaints.


You won’t have to get through the lengthy process to register your brand on Marketplace; instead we will do it for you. Right from applying for brand registry to submission of documents and also protecting it against counterfeit and unauthorized sellers.


We will keep track and update you about the low inventory products, out of stock products, high selling products while resolving the issues regarding stranded and suppressed inventory.


All advertising services are supposed to directly or indirectly give a boost to sales. Our team is an expert in doing just that by managing your ad campaigns, increasing your brand visibilit.


We provide reports wherein you will receive a breakdown of the ad campaigns that is easy to understand. The report comes with an in-depth analysis of revenue, expense, cost per click.


We combine decades of market experience with some of the latest in
e-commerce solutions to create an effective and proven process.

Meet your manager

First, we will assign an account manager to your Amazon account to get familiar with your business and learn about what you do and what your goals are. You’ll be able to communicate with our staff to make clear what you’d like out of our partnership.

Make the plan

Once we know what you are looking for, we will create a customized plan to bring your business to the next level. This will include addressing areas of concern while also determining how to capitalize on and grow the parts of your business that work well.

Take action

After we create your customized blueprint to e-commerce success, we will put it into action and stay in communication with you the whole way. You’ll be able to see what we do and take part in steering the business towards a brighter future.

Maintain progress

The most crucial part of this process is to maintain the progress that we have made and continue to optimize as well as give you the tools that you need to scale your business into something larger. We’ll help you do exactly that to secure the future of your business.