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Benefits of Partnering with us

At Abhicarya, we believe in building a lasting relationship with our enlisted brands through ingenious solutions in the supply chain.

Our International Reselling Division is responsible for sourcing, and reselling popular consumer brands for distribution across the India/USA The division was established in 2019 and has grown to stock many thousands of lines and ships in excess of 1 million orders globally on an annual basis.

The division is responsible for managing numerous popular marketplace platforms which collectively deliver maximum exposure for sales, and achieve significant volumes on sales.

End-to-end Measuerment
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We Add Value Through

  • Increased sales for our partner vendors
  • Enhanced brand reach & product-line visibility
  • Assistance in tapping into unexplored markets
  • Best in-class strategies for brand reach and product visibility
  • Adherence to policies like Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) among others

We Achieve Our Goals

  • In-house research team for e-commerce expertise
  • Campaign & Advertisements for strategic marketing
  • Using optimization methodologies like Search Engine Marketing(SEM) which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our Unique Strength Includes

  • A network of 21+ online marketplaces
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Increasing portfolio of 1000 + vendors
  • Presence in 100 + marketplaces around the globe
  • 5000+ daily orders across all channels

What We Do?

Abhicarya is an organization built to provide high-quality products and services to our clients. Our firm specializes in the distribution of wide varieties of Home Decor, Furnishings, household, personal care, and Kitchen electrical spare parts goods. With growing businesses, our horizon has expanded in other categories and is evolving even more. We have many registered companies and a proud partner of multiple renowned names with whom we are dealing for many years, which makes our product and services cost-effective.

Our Services

Whether you’re launching a new company, product, or you’re trying to leverage e-commerce as a new distribution channel,  Abhicarya can quickly and effectively deliver your message and provide all the back-end resources needed to execute on a large scale. Our team of experts can syndicate your products on the top e-commerce platforms in around the globe, driving sales as well as consistent brand exposure across all channels. We will handle each component of the marketplace process with proficiency and knowledge, giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

Grow Your Business With abhicarya

Abhicarya is part of a $1 billion plus home goods market. We’re driving customer loyalty and building market share by offering an easy and enjoyable way to make every space feel like home.

We’re committed to creating an exceptional (and exceptionally fun) shopping experience. Begin exploring this opportunity with us today.


Join our growing marketplace, where millions of customers have spent $0.4 billion total in the last 12 months.


Through billions in ad spend and promotions like Way Day, we drive customers to your products.


We treat our partners like family. We’ll help shape the best e-commerce strategy for you.


We use our intuitive partner portal, 3D technology, and more to make online sales a breeze.

The Magic of Abhicarya

We’re excited to partner together. See why abhicarya should be
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1+ Million Customers

Get access to abhicarya fast growing and loyal customer base.

$4 Billion in Sales

Be part of a marketplace that’s growing 55% every year.

1+ Million Orders

All placed in the last year. We make it easy to manage and fill orders.

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