Election Campaign Management

Elections are the decision of your career, Surround yourself on Social media , Represent yourself everywhere.

Winning campaigns are forged long before the polls open.

Campaign is a political advertising consultancy within Abhicarya Advertising Agency specifically focused on shaping winning political campaigns at the State and local level. Our Ignite brand discovery system will help you refine your message and image. We produce all of the communications and advertising elements you need to reach voters with 21st century digital media. We work beside your team to see you win on election day.

Get your campaign message in front of voters using TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile. Abhicarya uses AI, behavioral data and geographic targeting to serve your ads across the state and down to granular neighborhood audiences. Reach the voters you need to win!

Tools for a winning political campaign.

Ignite Brand Discovery

Advertising Strategy

Candidate Messaging

Campaign Workshops

Art direction and Logo Design


Media Planning

Household IP ads

TV, OTT commercials

Social Mirror ads

Facebook, Instagram ads

Video, Display, Native ads

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Outdoor, Print, Radio

SEO & Organic Search

Email Marketing

Video Production


Website Design

E-commerce & Landing Pages

Handouts, Emails

Political Consulting Services

Political Website and mobile app

Formation of booth committee

Missed Call Number

Political Survey

Toll Free Number

Video Campaining

Voter Management

Bulk SMS

Bulk Voice Call

Legal Aid

Celebrity Management

Singer and Anchor Management

Media Management

Call Center Setup

Promotions Suited