Paid Ads

More clicks, more customers, more revenue, get more clicks, get more customers.

What do our PPC management services include?

PPC Audits

With an in-depth PPC audit, your dedicated account manager can develop data-backed recommendations for your pay-per-click strategy. Plus, they can ensure the health of your ad campaigns, verifying the setup and optimization of your account, campaigns, and ad groups.

Other areas your audit will evaluate include:

Competitor ads

Bid optimization

Advertising assets, like images, landing pages, and ad copy


Based on their research, your account manager will develop a custom recommended PPC marketing strategy for your business.

Ad Creatives

Building, launching, and optimizing ad campaigns is easy with Abhicarya pay-per-click services. As a full-service agency, Abhicarya maintains the in-house talent needed to create, launch, and manage a successful ad campaign, which means we take care of:

Setting up ad campaigns

Designing ad graphics

Writing ad copy

Building ad landing pages

Creating audio or video ads

With abhicarya, it’s possible to move faster than the competition and launch compelling ads that attract (and convert) your target audience. You also skip the hassle of fighting for in-house design time and eliminate the downsides of hiring a freelancer with our PPC advertising services.

First-party Data Activation

First-party data is one of the most powerful tools at your organization’s disposal, which is why our pay-per-click advertising services make using first-party data in digital advertising fast and easy — versus time-consuming and tedious.

With access to abhicarya, you can collect, store, and send first-party data anywhere — including your favorite ad platforms, from Google Ads to Facebook Advertising. And guess what? You don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen.

Data eligible for activation includes:

Customer relationship management (CRM) data

User lists, like newsletter subscribers

Deanonymized website data

With first-party data powering their ad campaigns, our clients have improved PPC’s ROI by 20%, on average!

Full-funnel ROI tracking

Measure pay-per-click’s return on investment with unparalleled accuracy through abhicarya. With abhicarya full-funnel tracking, it’s possible to measure which channels, ad campaigns, and even URLs impacted a user’s journey from visitor to customer.

With this level of insight from your PPC marketing services, you can:

Make data-driven decisions about a strategy’s effectiveness

Funnel ad spend to the most profitable ad campaigns

Demonstrate to stakeholders your (and PPC’s) impact on company objectives

Bid Management

Forget wasted ad spend. With abhicarya PPC management services, bid management is built-in and includes:

Monitoring for fraudulent activity

Optimizing bids to maximize ROI

Leveraging AI to meet monthly ad spends

With our proactive bid management, your team can spend less time monitoring ad accounts and more time on the projects that need your attention.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimize ad campaigns from beginning to end with abhicarya pay-per-click advertising services, which include landing page optimization.

Besides access to our in-house conversion rate optimization (CRO) team, you’ll also have access to abhicarya pre-built templates for revenue-driving landing pages.

With abhicarya landing page library, our clients have captured 11% more leads from their landing pages.