Our Culture

Global Presence, We have helped more than 2,100 clients
across six continents in 74 industries and we’re still growing

Here at Abhicarya, we have seven values to live by:

  • Your success is our success – we wish to build your skill set during your stay with us. Any accomplishment on your part is well worth it to us.
  • Cooperate and work well with teams – As the old saying goes, there is no I in TEAM. We believe that in looking out for each other, we will all be able to rise faster rather than rise individually with no back-ups.
  • Create solutions not excuses – We love using the term “moving forward” because it connotes the understanding that we are here to grow from our mistakes rather than wallow in them.
  • Positive attitude towards growth and learning – We all rise from constructive criticism. We like to foster the idea of being open-minded here, to all kinds of feedback.
  • Work smarter, not harder – We believe in life-work balance for our employees. We believe that at doing any work in their own time, we can instead play harder than work harder!
  • Self-starter and always takes the initiative – We do not only wish to widen the skill set of our team; we also want to grow leaders who will be able to take care of other people in the future.
  • Create fun and positive vibes around everyone – What’s a productive workplace without happy employees? Freedom to listen to music. Freedom to talk to your peers. Freedom of expression, such as in clothes. All in the right time, of course.

Our Culture

Our out-of-the-box thinking, combined with our dynamic company culture, translates to winning experiences for our brand partners.

Abhicarya is a leading e-commerce company committed to proven results and experience in helping brands scale on Amazon,eBay, Wayfair, and 25 + Marketplaces and leveling up their sales. Founded in 2019, Abhicarya is an online retailer, After more than a decade of learning and challenges, today we are one of the most innovative and fastest-growing eCommerce companies across the globe.

We use a strategic approach to manage, accelerate, enhance, and protect growing brands through our expertise in selling items online across the globe. We sell items on Amazon FBM, FBA, Flipkart Walmart, Wayfair,eBay, Wish.com, Newegg, Facebook, and Google in the India | US | UK | EU at 25+ International Channels. We’ve sold tens of millions of dollars of merchandise over the course of our careers and have spent thousands of hours working directly for national name brands and private label businesses. Lucky for the team of experts the experience to accelerate your sales and build your brand.

Abhicarya focuses on providing clients with the four essential components of a successful strategy: operational excellence, brand protection, organic marketing, and paid advertising.

Our Culture

As self-driven, motivated individuals who believe in taking ownership instead of being handed responsibility, we are a curiously non-hierarchical team who believe in working as a whole to take the Organization forward.

Firm believers of meritocracy, we encourage you to take on tasks and readily empower you with the right tools, space, and opportunities. In essence, work at AbhicaryaLane is challenging but fun – we believe in equal opportunity, encourage intellectual curiosity and empower you to be the change.

If you’re just as passionate about growing brands and would love a workplace that is purely result-driven, Abhicarya is the place for you!